Top Travel Apps to have on Your Phone while Traveling

Good travel apps can make your life 1000x easier when you are traveling! Here are my absolute favorites that I use regularly:

Google Translate

The app I use on the daily. Translate speech, typing, words in photos. It’s the best!

Currency App XE

Easy and free currency app that keeps up-to-date with the latest exchange rate.


This is a personal inventory app. You can store backup photos of ids, credit cards, tax receipts, warranties and MORE.


A must for North american travel. Some other countries have it too. I use Trip Advisor forums a lot while in Russia.

Not sure where you want to go? SkyScanner is a great tool for spontaneous travel! This is how we booked our flight to Hong Kong last year!

Google Chrome

This can be used on your computer or iphone to translate an entire webpage at the click of a button. Lifesavor for me!

Best Travel AppsHola!

Can’t watch that Youtube video or shop at your favorite online store because it happens to be blocked? HOLA has got you! Download this little plugin and anytime you have that issue, click the shortlink for Hola and it will change your VPN to the country you need to be in, in order to check out your favorite sites!

My Fitness Pal 

If you aren’t into keeping track of your fitness or nutrition daily, this app can still be helpful. You can scan labels (in any language) and instantly receive information on the basic contents inside. This is an easy way to stay away from unknown sugars!

Mobile Passport

This app helps you breeze through 20 airports and 1 cruise port. Just fill out your profile, answer your CBP’s questions – then go straight to the “Mobile Passport Control” express lane!

Units Plus

Converting length, mileage, speed, and temperatures can be a PAIN. Americans are the loners when it comes to not using the metric system. This app can make those conversions super easy as well as other random things. Hey, ya never know when those things will come in handy!


Craving something in particular? Well this app you can see particular dishes at spots around you. So instead of searching restaurants and looking at all the menus to see if they have your favorite food.. just search for it!

WAM- World Around Me

This app is really bizarre/ cool. Select what you are searching for (restaurants, coffee, movies, stores, etc), hold the phone to eye level and literally see what is around you via your iphone. This is extremely helped for places like Europe that have cute coffee shops hiding in alleys. I especially love this one because I know ZERO Russian and this can tell me what I am looking at.


What to learn local lingo but only have 5, 10 or 20 minutes a day to do it? Download this app and it will have a timed lesson for you.

Viber/ WhatsApp

I am still a little confused as to why iMessage isn’t the norm in other countries. Maybe it isn’t available… I don’t know.

But everyone outside of the US has Viber or WhatsApp making texts on wifi free. (And we all say… But isn’t that just like normal iMessage without the app? Yes. But that doesn’t exist to the rest of the world. So you should probably just download it for sanity because no one will message you without the app.)

Viber is ok for texting but, more importantly, you can make voice calls to other mobiles that have Viber. You can also “Viber Out” when you want to call a landline or mobile that doesn’t have Viber by adding credit and dialing the number as usual. They have very cheap call rates.

Food Delivery Apps:  Postmates & UberEats

Lastly, T-MOBILE

Yes, I realize it is a phone company and not an app, but you will see why I am bringing it to your attention.

Check in to their international plans because you CAN NOT beat them. As long as David and I are on wifi we can call, text, picture message – whatever- for FREE. We also have unlimited data when we are away from the apartment.

—Yes you read that correctly.—

Unlimited data.

I may not be getting amazing speeds every place I go but I have unlimited LTE service in Siberia. Go figure.

I am going to briefly ignore the fact that T-Mobile does not have service in my hometown in Tennessee, but has unlimited service in Russia.

Obviously it has its pros and cons but if you live abroad like us, are constantly contacting people back home, and need unlimited data just to translate food at the grocery store… T-Mobile is where it’s at.

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