Rose Hip Oil : A Must for Facial Care

Rose Hip oil has been part of my skincase routine for several years. As soon as someone turned me on to it, I haven’t looked back.  I have always had a bit of redness around my nose where the skin is so thin and delicate. Once I started using rose hip oil, that redness was completely gone!


Rose Hip Oil

 Why I’m in Love with Rose Hip:

➳ Very light and non-greasy. I not only use rose hip oil at night, but also in the morning because it absorbs so quickly.

➳ Helps with Eczema and Reduces Scarring

➳ Anti-Aging because of the oil’s ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin with it’s many antioxidants. The deeper the oil can penetrate the better chance you have of restoring the skin’s surface (aka kicking those lines and wrinkles) and restoring elasticity!

➳ Combats free radicals that produce age spots, redness, and even rosecea. The vitamin A and the essential fatty acids in this oil, improve skin tone and pigmentation.

➳  Rose hip tea is also a yummy option that helps your skin and immune system with all that vitamin C! It is much sweeter than a tangy ginger tea or bitter tumeric tea.   The rosehip group also had a reduction in some disease-related symptoms (like morning stiffness) and a significant decline in painkiller use. Reports have also shown that relief of inflammation be can be found by adding rosehip oil to your bath water. (6) (7) (8)


Rose hip Tip

It is a bit more expensive, but be sure to use cold-pressed rosehip oil. This means it hasn’t been altered by heat, and retains all of those skin-enhancing nutrients!


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