Must Have in your Workout Routine: Battle Ropes

battle rope benefits

I am not sure why Battle Ropes aren’t talked about more often?!? I LOVE these things! Well, it is more of a love/hate, but that is always a good thing in the fitness realm.


Why do I love Battle Ropes so much?

Easy way to HITT train.

Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. It mixes the cardio routine up in a great way! I am always gasping for air between circuits when we incorporate battle ropes.

Strength. These use your ENTIRE body. You will be sore in places you didn’t know existed. In my opinion, it is by far the best way to tone arms while you are doing cardio. (Move over elliptical.)


battle rope exercise

Imbalances. When you first use these you will be able to notice imbalances in each side. This is a great way to even those out and make your less dominant side stronger.

Endurance. 1 minute intervals don’t sound very long but when you are jumping and slamming these ropes, it will be a massive challenge.

Battle Rope

Versatility. Fast feet shuffles with waves, circles, jumps with slams, abs rotations… You have a lot of options with battle ropes. If you happen to in injured this is still a great cardio option. There are plenty of exercises that are low impact that are still very effective.


battle rope workout


I’ll definitely be back with a great battle rope workout for you guys! In the meantime, try out the basic moves and get acquainted. They are amazeeeee.


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