Float Tank Benefits

The first float tank I used (courtesy of FloatSpace Kelowna). YES. It is actually bigger than it looks. 🙂



It’s been around since the 1950s and has been gaining popularity recently with more and more float spaces popping up all over the map.

So what is floating?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! .. with MAJOR benefits.

Floatation requires a soundproof/ lightproof room that has a tank or hot tub sized pool with a very high concentration of Epsom Salts. (Yay for magnesium!!)

Due to the high salt levels in the water, the flotation tank creates a zero gravity environment. Unless you are an astronaut the flotation tank is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from gravity. NASA employs float to stimulate weightlessness. (Hope Floats USA)

The resultant high density allows ones body to float naturally and spontaneously without effort or fear of sinking. Zero gravity allows you to relax every single muscle, your neck, arms, back, and even ears. (All of my mommy-to-bes reading, get that pressure OFF by floating!)


Floating for Rejuvenation

Finding where gravity is and in which direction, then computing how you can move and not fall over, takes about 90% of your brains activity on a daily basis.


Imagine taking that 90% of brain activity away for 90 minutes.

What happens?

Floating provides an environment with stress is reduced, cortisol is lowered and the body has a chance to heal, and rejuvenate itself. This creates a healing state for many conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, PTSD and jet lag.


Floating Benefits

This float “cabin” at FloatSpace is a bit bigger than the tank. It is actually my personal favorite!

Our Experience

David took me to FloatSpace in Kelowna on our 2 year anniversary in hopes to have a nice relaxing experience after weeks of working on our new house and settling into a new place.

After the float, we felt incredibly relaxed. We truly had the best sleep since we arrived and felt like a weight was completely lifted off our shoulders.

Since then, David became an ambassador for FloatSpace and we have been going as much as possible.

Floating Health Benefits


Still think it’s a little weird?

Here a few people you may have heard of that take advantage of the benefits of float therapy:

Steph Curry

Tom Brady

Harrison Barnes

These Superbowl Players

You can see more celeb floaters HERE.


Where to Go?

If you are in the Kelowna area I highly recommend FloatSpace! Dustin, at FloatSpace, is probably one of the most patient, nicest people you will ever meet; which makes the experience a MILLION times better, right? I know we cannot wait to drop by FloatSpace when we are back in Kelowna. (We will definitely need some relaxation after the hockey season in Russia. HA.)

If you aren’t lucky enough to have Dustin and FloatSpace nearby, that’s ok! Floating is becoming more and more popular. Yelp can be your best friend when looking for a place to float.

For my USA readers you can read more about floating and the research behind it HERE at Hope Floats USA.

Happy Floating!

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