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When I was Miss Tennessee USA, my director never had to worry about me knowing current events. One of my coaches was convinced I would be stumped over a pop culture question wayyyy before a political one. Ok, so, I may be a little bit of a news junkie.

Because I genuinely love reading about current events, I have all the media outlet iPhone apps. Twitter is also a great place for news updates! But it just isn’t as easy as getting my nightly news dose like I can back home. I can’t just flip on the tv in Russia and expect a news broadcast in English. Not happening.

So, I have a nifty newsletter called, The Skimm, that comes straight to my email every weekday morning. (Well, on Siberian time it actually is delivered at night… but that’s ok! I still have something to read every weekday!)Staying Informed with Current Events

Even if you don’t enjoy keeping up with the news, try reading The Skimm. It sums up the major news stories, links within the topics incase you want to read more information about it or more on the backstory. Yay, for short, sweet and to the point!

The Skimm is also more light-hearted than regular news outlets. They use funny titles and a lot of puns throughout the newsletter to keep things entertaining.

The Skimm is also does relatively well staying unbiased (typically). For example, after political stories The Skimm often uses, “Supporters Say” and “Critics Say,” instead of just informing you of their personal stance.

It is the quickest and easiest way to stay up-to-date on current events, instead of just reading every self-proclaimed political science expert rant, complete with a meme, on Facebook for your current event insight.

I don’t want to go into “parent mode” and hop on a soapbox about how important knowing your current events is… But seriously. Let’s try to be informed adults. Differences of opinions are fine and completely normal. Opinions out of ignorance, or “ignorance is bliss” mentality … is just.. well.. lazy. There is so much happening in the world around us. Living in a bubble won’t change reality. It will only give you a false sense of reality.

So, if you are abroad trying to stay in tune with what is happening back home, just want a fast way to stay -up-to-date on current events, OR (fellow pageant participants) have questions you need to prep for, you have to sign up for the The Skimm- HERE.


What is your favorite way to get the news? Any particular app that you LOVE?

Keeping up with news while overseas

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